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Jeff Scott Olson Law Firm Attorneys and Staff

Jeff Scott Olson

Jeff Scott Olson was born in Augusta, Wisconsin, a small farming community. He came to Madison to attend the University of Wisconsin, graduated with honors in 1972, and obtained his law degree in 1976. In over twenty years of private practice, he has almost always represented individuals or small businesses against government agencies, corporations and insurance companies.

Over the years, he has won a number of landmark cases, including Watkins v. LIRC, which established the right of an employment discrimination victim to recover a separate award of attorneys' fees under the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act, and Gilbert v. State of Wisconsin Medical Examining Board, which established due process safeguards applicable to professional license revocation cases.

Jeff Olson has earned the respect of other trial lawyers and the trust of his clients. A nationally-recognized expert on civil rights law, he has been asked on nearly fifty occasions to present educational programs for the training of other lawyers, and has authored more than a dozen articles on civil rights topics in national publications. He was the winner of the American Civil Liberties Union's “Volunteer Attorney of the Year” award in 1986 and, along with Percy L. Julian, Jr., the Dane County Fair Housing Council's “Fair Housing Advocate Award” in 1988.

Along with Michael R. Fox, he was voted “Best Civil Rights Lawyer in Madison” in Madison Magazine's January 1994 edition. He is listed in The Best Lawyers in America and Who's Who in American Law, and is a past chair of the State Bar of Wisconsin Individual Rights Section.

Attorney Andrea J. Farrell

Attorney Andrea J. Farrell generally practices in Wisconsin's federal courts and before the state Equal Rights Division. Her practice is concentrated in police misconduct, employment discrimination, and First Amendment street protester cases. She has also introduced a smattering of animal law cases to our firm with great results. Andrea was honored as a 2010 Up & Coming Attorney by the Wisconsin Law Journal. She is a gifted researcher and writer, and her mastery of the facts of her cases is second to none.

Andrea Farrell graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School, and worked for our firm while she was a law student. Andrea had played important roles in a number of important victories in the short time she clerked with us, so we were eager to keep her on board after she became a member of the Wisconsin Bar. Andrea has continued her record of success as an attorney with our firm, securing victories for our clients by way of settlements, jury verdicts, and judicial decisions.

Claudia Shipley, Legal Secretary

Claudia Shipley is our firm's legal secretary. She is often the person who can provide a client with a quick answer to a question like, “Should I be early for my deposition?” and past clients are unanimous in their praise for the way she addresses their concerns and helps them through what can be a stressful time.

She is a client's first line of contact with the firm, and works hard to make sure clients get what they need.

Sarah Furey Crandall

After a career as a successful criminal defense attorney with a nation-wide practice, (in which she demonstrated her abilities as such a brilliant strategist and superb litigator as to be ranked among the Best Lawyers in America), Sarah Crandall retired. We were delighted when, following her retirement, she agreed to join our office and bring her skills to bear as a trial consultant.

In that capacity, she has proven to be a strong and effective strategist on a wide spectrum of cases involving individual rights. Experienced in both First Amendment jurisprudence and business law, her consultation has been instrumental in keeping our clients' businesses open and profitable despite public pressure to keep them from operating.

Sarah's mastery of Eighth Amendment issues substantially contributed to our obtaining sizable settlements in a number of cases brought on behalf of prisoners, including recovery of money awards for the children of an inmate who died as a result of neglect, an inmate who barely survived Stage IV cancer following staff indifference to his medical needs, and numerous inmates whose sentences were miscalculated so that they served more time than they should have.

Her background as a highly skilled criminal defense attorney has been of inestimable value in our successfully litigating a variety of police misconduct cases including unlawful searches and excessive use of force by law enforcement.

Many of our clients who have utilized Sarah's consultation skills are other law firms. They report that they have found her creative approach and skills in analyzing complex litigation to be invaluable to them.

Her unique vision of a case coupled with her dogged determination and tireless efforts can change the outcome of a case. She will find a way to humanize even the most difficult client. She will read the jury in ways you have not thought of. She will help your best litigators be even better. She will find the expert you cannot find. She will make the call you would not think to make. Many have found that her participation in a case as a trial consultant can make all the difference in the world.

Rikki Glen, Glen & Associates

Rikki Glen is a well-known Madison private investigator. She heads her own firm, Glen & Associates, with offices in Madison.

Rikki was featured in an article in the December 8, 2005 edition of the Wisconsin State Journal. She was also selected as one of the main speakers at National Legal Seminars' Continuing Legal Education Program, “Effective Use of a Private Investigator in a Litigation Practice.”

She has worked on a large number of significant civil rights and constitutional cases, and has a gift for persuading reluctant witnesses to open up to her.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Professional Association of Wisconsin Licensed Investigators, Inc.

Here is a typical comment from a client about working with Rikki Glen: “Greg and I were very happy working with Rikki. It must be a great pleasure having someone with her skills and wonderful personality working for you.”