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Devil’s Advocates: Constitutional Attorney, Jeff Scott Olson fighting for the Devils’ First Amendment Rights

The Devil’s Advocates | May 11, 2021  [Jeff Olson] chats with the Devil’s Advocates. Jeff is fighting for the Devils’ First Amendment Rights and he also has a great idea for Qualified Immunity.

Devil’s Advocates: Jeff Scott Olson, Civil Rights Attorney

The Devil’s Advocates | Jul 24, 2020  [ Attorney Jeff Scott Olson] phones in to talk about Civil Rights and how the Wisconsin Uprising against Walker foreshadowed the backlash against Donald Trump.

Jeff Scott Olson: A civil rights crusader. Olson paved the way for civil rights law

Madison Magazine | Dec 05, 2017 [Jeff Olson] is one of Wisconsin’s premier civil rights attorneys, a pioneer in a field that was new when he started practicing law four decades ago. Employment discrimination, housing discrimination—you’d better be good when you’re litigating under laws that a few years earlier weren’t even on the books.

Jury awards $7 million in damages after finding 2 Madison police officers used unreasonable force in 2014 fatal shooting

Wisconsin State Journal News | Jul 14, 2017 Two Madison police officers used unreasonable force when they shot and killed a 26-year-old woman who was pointing a gun at her head during a 2014 incident, a jury found Thursday, awarding her family $7 million in damages.

Andrea J. Farrell and Jeff Scott Olson: No dishonor in reasonable settlement of Tony Robinson case

Wisconsin State Journal | Mar 04, 2017 A Madison police officer’s fatal shooting of an unarmed biracial teen has resulted in a civil rights settlement of over $3 million.

City ordered to pay strip club’s legal fees. Ruling brings total city owes close to $1 million

BizTimes | Oct 06, 2017 The City of Milwaukee has been ordered to pay Silk Exotic $482,586 to cover attorney fees and out-of-pocket expenses following a lawsuit the company’s owners brought forth last year after being denied a license to open a strip club Downtown.

Judge tables fine for newspaper hawking in Madison. City’s enforcement action is deemed unconstitutional.

Isthmus | Mar 24, 2011 Last week, while one Dane County judge halted a hastily passed bill to gut the collective bargaining rights of public employees, another issued a written decision that seems to have escaped notice. It declared that the city of Madison created an unconstitutional infringement on free speech in its application of an ordinance against signs or tables.

Madison police change deadly force procedures to protect, preserve ‘all human life’

Chigago Tribune News | Oct 21, 2017 Madison attorney Andrea Farrell won a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city earlier this year on behalf of the family of a woman killed by Madison police in 2014.

City agrees to pay Paul Heenan’s family $2.3 million for fatal 2012 shooting

Wisconsin State Journal | Aug 12, 2015 In what was being called the news the largest settlement in a police shooting in state history, the city of Madison has agreed to pay the family of Paul Heenan $2.3 million to settle a civil rights lawsuit against the city and the former police officer who shot and killed him.