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Our attorneys have been defending the rights of our clients for over 45 years.  The Jeff Scott Olson Law Firm, S.C. is an experienced civil rights, constitutional, and employment litigation practice in Dane County, Madison, Wisconsin.

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Our attorneys have built their reputations by representing individuals and small businesses against corporations, government agencies, and insurance companies.  We have a good deal of experience in representing the victims of police misconduct, First Amendment violations, and discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations as well as accident victims and whistleblowers.

At our web site, you will be able to learn about attorneys Jeff Scott Olson Andrea J. Farrell, and Trial Consultant Sarah Furey Crandall.  And you will be able to laugh a little while learning something of our jaded perspective on the law and our court system in Scoffing at the Law.

The law becomes more complex every day, and the procedural rules of our court system are both intricate and unforgiving. Government agencies, corporations and insurance companies always seem to have unlimited resources to pour into the legal defense of claims advanced by individuals. Not every lawyer or law firm has the experience, skill and reputation to equalize the odds in a struggle against one of these powerful opponents. The choice of attorneys can make the difference between confusion and confidence, between anxiety and peace of mind, and ultimately between defeat and victory.

We hope this site gives you a little bit of what you need to choose your attorneys wisely.

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