Scoffing at the Law

Scoffing at the Law is a series of tongue-in-cheek pieces by Jeff Scott Olson on subjects concerning which clients are often ignorant.

Employment Law in the Real World is a fictional first consultation with a new client who has just lost his job, and who finds out just how many legal rights he doesn’t have, among other things.

Stay out of the System is a sobering admonition imploring those who have suffered injustice to avoid at all costs seeking the assistance of police, courts, or government agencies.

Will Justice Triumph in the End? takes a hard look at the pervasive role of sheer chance in our legal system.

Jack Kevorkian, Dirty Movies, and the “Try, Try Again School of Criminal Prosecution” explains how unfair it is for the government to keep bringing the same case over and over against an individual with limited resources.

Courthouse Insecurity praises the old-school judges who did without metal detectors and had the courage to conduct business in chambers.